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Civil and Criminal Cases, Methodical Guidelines

Methodical Guidelines for the Provision of a Private Investigation Service on Collection and Analysis of Information on Civil and Criminal Cases, Presence (Absence) of Criminal Records and (or) the Fact of Criminal Prosecution or Being on the Wanted List

Subject Matter of the Investigation

1. Method for providing the service of private investigation on collection and analysis of information on civil and criminal cases on a contractual basis with participants of the process defines the time frames and sequence of actions in private investigation related to collection of information on criminal and civil cases and sets the action plan for a detective to render the service.

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Recommended practice for private detectives seeking to identify owners of anonymous accounts and email addresses

Since electronic correspondence is often the only connecting link between a victim and an alleged criminal, identifying the owner of the email address remains the most reliable method for quickly achieving the objective of a private investigation. This article lays out recommended practice for private detectives who are regularly required to determine the identity of a lawbreaker from his email address.

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