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User Agreement | AD Agency Ltd.

Information Services Agreement

Contract for the provision of detective services (submission of a written Detective’s report) This document constitutes a proposal and offer from Alex Detective Agency Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Detective’, to the individual hereinafter referred to as the ‘Client’, jointly referred to with the Detective as the ‘Parties’ and individually as a ‘Party’, to enter into a contract, using the Detective System, for the provision of detective services (hereinafter the ‘Contract’) on the terms set out below.

  1. Entering into the Contract
    1. The Client has been advised and agrees that the Contract shall be deemed entered into once the Client has completed all of the following actions:
      • confirmed that he has read and agrees to the terms of the Contract by placing a checkmark in the field ‘I agree to the terms of the contract to provide detective services’;
      • made payment for the Services after confirmation that he has read the terms of the Contract.
    2. Confirmation of having read and agreed to the terms of the Contract in the System and payment for the Detective’s services shall signify full and unqualified acceptance by the Client of all of the terms hereof without any exceptions and/or limitations and is the equivalent of entering into a bilateral written contract. Electronic documents shall be recognized by the Parties as equivalent to hard copy documents and may serve as evidence in court.
  2. Definitions of the Terms used in this Contract shall have the following meanings:
    • ‘the Law’ – Russian Federation Law No. 2487-1, dated 11.03.1992 (in the version dated 02.07.2013), ‘On Private Detective and Security Work in the Russian Federation’, with all amendments and additions thereto;
    • Intelligence’ – information as defined by the Law;
    • ‘Request’ or ‘Requests’ – a request formulated by the Client through the System for the provision of a report, expressed in accordance with the terms of the Contract and payment for Services;
    • ‘Report’ – a document containing information collected by the Detective which is provided by the Detective further to a Request from the Client;
    • ‘System’ – the Client’s remote access system provided by the Detective to the Client via the global information and telecommunications network of the Internet (‘ADA OnLine’);
    • ‘Client Identification’ – the process of confirming the identity of the Client, carried out by the Detective in the System according to the regulations set out therein.
  3. Subject of the Contract
    1. Under the terms of this Contract, the Detective undertakes, further to a Request from the Client and subject to that Client’s Identification, to provide a report (hereinafter ‘Services’) to the Client through the System, and the Client undertakes to pay for the Services in the manner set forth herein.
    2. The Services shall be provided for the purpose of advising the Client personally of the information gathered and analysed by the Detective.
  4. Submission of the Report
    1. The Report shall be submitted to the Client no later than ten working days after payment was made for the Services, via delivery to the Client’s personal area in the System. The Report shall be accessible for printing and saving.
    2. The Report shall be deemed to have been submitted to the Client from the moment when the Report was delivered to the Client’s personal area in the System.
  5. Cost and payment for Services
    1. The Client shall pay the Detective a fee for the Services provided by the Detective to the Client hereunder.
    2. Payment for the Detective’s Services shall be made by the Client in the System by the Client’s chosen method.
  6. Liability
    1. The Client understands and agrees that the information contained in the Report will have been obtained by the Detective from sources of intelligence in accordance with the Law. Although the Detective will make every effort to verify the facts, the Detective cannot guarantee that the information provided is completely exhaustive or fully accurate. As a result, we recommend that the consequences of the Detective’s conservative approach to evaluating the professional risks involved be taken into account when using the information contained in the Report.
    2. The Client shall not have the right to compensation from the Detective for possible losses arising in connection with the unreliability or inaccuracy of the information contained in the Detective’s reports in the event that it does not correspond to intelligence contained in the registers of the relevant agencies of the country of the investigation.
    3. The Detective shall not be liable for possible losses incurred by the Client arising in connection with the fact that the Report may not be used for any purpose other than that indicated in clause 3.2 of this Contract.
  7. Final provisions
    1. In the event that it is not possible to use the Service because of malfunctions, interruptions, or errors in the working of the System, or other issues arise in relation to the provision of the Service, the Client should email the Contact Centre:
    2. The Contract shall come into force from the moment the Client completes the actions listed in clause 1.1. hereof and shall remain in force until the Parties have performed their obligations hereunder in full. Full name, address and bank details of the Detective: