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National Passport Check | AD Agency Ltd.
National Passport Check
Area Searched: Russian Federation
Search Period: May vary. Usually 10 years
Period of investigation: Standard, to 3 — 7 days

National Passport Check

Detective agency provides a private detective service for the inspection of passports of citizens of the Russian Federation certifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

The check is only of preliminary, tentative nature and its results require confirmation by evidence collected on the case. To obtain legally relevant information, it is required to contact the regional offices of GUVM (the Main Directorate for Migration Affairs) of MVD (the Ministry of Internal Affairs) of the Russian Federation which issued the passports.

A source for the detective is a daily updated list of invalid passports which can be used by any interested individual or organization which activity is related to the need to check passport validity.

The Subject of private investigation is for the detective to identify the facts of turnover of forged identification documents.

The Object of private investigation is a photocopy of a citizen’s identity document.

Detective’s response “No relevant information found” means that no information has been found based on the details of the document specified in the request. This response can be obtained in the following case:

  • Record about the passport is being tested in the Database software package.
  • Information about the issued passport has not yet been received from the relevant regional office

The detective’s response No relevant information found. Specify the details of the request means that no information has been found based on the details specified in the request. This response can be obtained in the following cases:

  • In case of failure to provide a photocopy of the citizen’s identity document
  • In case of specifying wrong (non-existent) details of the checked passport
  • If, when completing the request, a mistake (misprint) was made in information about the subject of the investigation

In case if a mistake (misprint) was made in a request when stating the full name, address or details of identity document, a new request shall be created and submitted specifying correctly all the necessary personal data about the subject of the inspection.

A list of invalid passports is also available on the website of MVD of Russia in the format of open data, is anonymized and does not violate the existing laws in the field of personal data.

In order to confirm the legality of providing information, the detective agency identifies the person requesting information on the basis of the documents submitted when registering on the website of the detective agency.

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Search Notes

The service fee is 60 US dollars. Payment for incorrectly completed request submitted for processing is not refundable.

Time frames for service rendering are from 3 to 7 calendar days.

Required Data

Search results

The service provision result constitutes in: a written report of the
detective on the degree of business reliability of an individual